Written Testimonials

  • "I am no fan of going to the dentist. At all. I have avoided it if at all possible and am now suffering the consequences… eek! I was immediately put at ease here; everyone is super friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I have a bit of anxiety and guilt about my teeth, but Dr. Sims didn’t make me feel any shame or embarrassment. The procedures I had were done quickly and efficiently and all while watching Ellen on the little TV they have. I couldn’t believe how fast it went by. I traveled way out of my neighborhood to go here, and I’ll continue to do so…it’s worth it!"
    Victoria V.
  • "I wrote a review when I first came here…I wasn’t yet a patient and Dr. Sims came into the office sick as a dog to help me fix a popped crown. I knew then that this was the place to be and not a thing has changed in almost three years! Recently I had needed to get a filling, but before I could call to schedule that appt I had another emergency. I called in the morning and they were able to squeeze me in that afternoon. Not only did they fix my issue, but they were able to fit in doing the filling as well. I know that they were booked for the afternoon, but Dr. Sims was so kind as to say that it would be a waste of Novocain to send me home! Everyone in the office is insanely nice and fun to be around. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a position of enjoying going to the dentist before, but the miracle has happened! I can’t recommend this place more highly!!!"
    Caitlin T.
  • "First of all, I have to admit I’ve always hated dentists. It’s an irrational hatred – I was never traumatized by a dentist. I have a lackluster dental history, involving a handful of cavities and wisdom teeth removal. Routine stuff. I simply abhor the sound and feeling of plaque being scraped from my teeth. And when it’s time to fill a cavity, I’d rather be forced to watch a 48-hour marathon The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Clockwork Orange style – than feel a needle full of Novocain penetrating my gums. Embarrassing admission: I’ve had two 5-year stretches in my life when I didn’t go to the dentist at all because of these aversions."
  • "Second of all, I have to admit that I’ve always hated dentists… until I met Dr. Sims and his colleague Dr. Alisa Becirspahic. Dr. Sims examined my teeth after a routine cleaning, and his chair-side manner, if you will, is great. His voice is a cross between Jack Nicholson and John Wayne which, interestingly, is rather calming. While examining my gums he said, “Those are happy gums."
  • "I absolutely did not want to go to the dentist.I had (un)successfully avoided going for years until it became a fear I had to overcome or figure out a way in which to live with my growing constant tooth pain. THANKFULLY I went to Dr. Sims and EVERYONE WAS WONDERFUL, PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL! I too was doubtful, frighten and scared of what the reality of my avoiding the dentist would be…then I met Dr Sims, he and his staff made everything alright!"
    Derek S.
  • "Dr. Sims is by far the most amazing doctor I have yet to encounter. If anyone has a phobia about the dentist, fears dental procedures, doesn’t like dentists (or even if someone does) then he will make you think twice about fearing a dentist ever again. I don’t handle new procedures very well, and I fear pain (yes, I am a big baby sometimes). The idea of a needle and a drill brought tears to my eyes. But Dr. Sims sat down with me and talked about what they would be doing and even showed me an animated video of the procedure so I would understand what they would be doing. Even though I was nervous, his calming, knowledgeable presence helped me a lot. Needless to say the procedure came off without a hitch, and I didn’t feel anything! He cares about his patients and really takes his time to make sure everyone gets the treatment they deserve. I never feel like I’m rushed out or left with unanswered questions. They have so much respect and dedication for their patients, and it shows!"
    Stephanie A.

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