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Meet Amy: The Bride

Being a faithful patient of Dr. Sims’ for about two years, she’s experienced an “at home” feel in the office. The welcoming and caring atmosphere, from calling her to remind her of her appointment until the moment she is walking out of the door, she has enjoyed everyone in the staff, especially Dr. Sims.

After an awful bicycle accident at 9 years old, Amy’s teeth were damaged due to a face plant onto asphalt, she had always been embarrassed of her teeth. She didn’t know how to “smile with her teeth.” A couple of months before her wedding, she came to Dr. Sims and he gave her the immediate confidence to smile beautifully on the happiest day of her life.

Listen to her testimonial about how Dr. Sims has changed her life and overall self-confidence to begin her new life with her wonderful husband.

"Before I came to Dr. Sims, I didn’t know how to smile with my teeth…"

Meet Jimmy

"Dr. Sims takes care of his patients like nobody else does.…"

Meet Mike

"He does something when he gives a Novocaine shot where it TRULY DOESN’T hurt!…"

Meet Terrence

"Dr. Sims has the best technology. …it’s like something out of Star Trek……"

Meet Katie

"You know you’re getting the best care possible.…"

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