Six Month Smiles

Changes with Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles was developed to give adults a practical and efficient means to use orthodontic correction to sort out any issues with misalignment or other orthodontic concerns.

While many adults abhor the use of plain metallic braces, Six Months Smiles utilizes slender wires that match the color of the teeth as well as clear, undetectable brackets in order to achieve the perfect smile as unobtrusively as possible and in the shortest period of time.

Whether you’re coping with crooked teeth, crowding, unflattering gaps between your front teeth or a misalignment of your bite, Six Months Smiles can repair the damage and leave you with the perfect smile.

The Six Month Smiles program also works in much the same way regular braces do but while braces can exert uncomfortable pressure on the teeth, this system is guaranteed to use a low-pressure wire arch which works to align your teeth and bite gradually, while remaining comfortable.

How Six Months Smiles Can Work for You

With body image being such an enormous issue in our society today, many adults who have misaligned teeth would love to correct the problem yet feel self-conscious at the prospect of wearing braces.

With Six Months Smiles the treatment apparatus is delicate and discreet enough that in most cases it’s virtually unnoticeable, which is comforting to patients who are concerned about their image.

While most other methods of adult orthodontic correction revolve around the use of aligner trays that can be removed from the mouth, and while these aligners are a relatively convenient option, they often come with enough stipulations that patients can have trouble remembering treatment instructions, for example to remove the aligner before eating.

Six Months Smiles also boasts several other benefits, such as:

  • Fast and efficient alignment: while many orthodontic options require from 18-24 months to show significant results, Six Months Smiles can complete alignment and have your teeth looking their best within 6 months.
  • Rather than being required to visit the office frequently as with regular braces, Six Months Smiles treatment allows you to visit the dentist less often, normally about once every 30 days
  • Six Months Smiles is an amazing option for those who are concerned about projecting the best image possible; having your smile look it’s very best can go a long way toward enhancing your social and professional life.

    • Visit Dr. Sims Today for Your Six Month Smile

      As a certified provider of the Six Month Smile Program, Dr. Sims welcomes all potential candidates to contact the office at 773-878-7467 in order to ascertain whether this treatment is right for you; if you’re an active individual who is concerned about self-image and would like a quick and easy way to perfect that sparkling smile, this just may be the ideal treatment for you!

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