FAQ: Can Adults Have Braces?

Yes! Adults can benefit from orthodontics. If an adult suffers from a “bad bite” it can lead to many other problems (See “TM Disorder” and “Periodontal Disease”) that can be more difficult to treat. A dentist can formulate a custom treatment plan after a comprehensive exam is done, including X-rays, study models, and photographs of the face. Once the treatment plan is agreed upon the treatment will be phased and the bands, brackets and wires will be placed.

If a removable appliance is used impressions will be taken for a retainer type appliance (See “Orthodontics”). The active phase of orthodontics takes frequent visits to the dentist and the total time required for orthodontic treatment usually takes longer than for children because the facial bones in an adult have stopped growing. While both adult and children’s orthodontics requires a commitment, most patients agree that the results are worth the financial and personal investment.

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